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Royal Society of Knights Occidental

Postby Washington » Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:10 am

Royal Society of Knights Occidental - The Knights Occidental are one of the newer groups at Masonic Week in Reston, Virginia, and should perhaps be referred to as a “Dinner Degree” without any ceremony. First established at the Hotel Washington during Masonic Week in 1997 by Bros. Milton Dirst, Gary Hermann, and William Koon, The Royal Society of Knights Occidental has met for the purposes of food and fellowship every year since. Membership is open to all, and the dues are merely the price of dinner. The highest award is the GCO (Grand Cross Occidental) which is awarded to anyone who attends 5 annual Convivials (meetings) at the annual Masonic Week or anyone else that the organizers think should have it.
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